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One of the advantages of cable television is the clear reception you can expect. If problems do arise, please check the troubleshooting guide below before calling our offices or a TV repair service.

Black or Blue Screen, No Sound or a Buzzing Sound
Check to make sure the TV, VCR have not been unplugged.

Snowy Picture
Check to see if the cable is connected to the TV, VCR; or check to make sure your TV is on channel 3 or 4 (whichever your VCR is designed for) If you have a Cable-ready Television, make sure the switch is set to "Cable" and not to "TV".

Channels are Mixed
Check to see if the TV channel is set to the proper channel for reception (ch. 3 or 4) or check the fine tuning adjustment.

Can’t receive Channels above 13
Reprogram your TV or VCR. Look to your owner’s manual for specific instructions or look to the menu option on your remote control for "auto programming" or "CATV programming"

Poor Picture Quality
Check horizontal and vertical hold; check brightness and contrast or check the connections.
Service Calls are free of charge for problems which are directly related to the cable system or equipment. Problems which are caused by the customer or customer’s equipment will be assessed a service fee